Ants Backpack Inflatables

We were tasked with the creation of giant inflatable decor to mimic a trail of ants. Each piece would be carried through the audience by performers in black body suits (human ants). We had two major obstacles: providing portable power to each inflatable; and how three metre tall inflatables would be carried securely and safely through a large crowd. Our unique solution would later be christened the 'Backpack Inflatables'.

design The studio team created scale technical drawings to work from. Accurate visuals were essential for client approval.

design High Scream provided these items to serve as our visual reference.

Backpack Development

It was essential that the backpack was light enough for the performer; yet robust, durable and with sufficient power. Lithium ion batteries and powerful slimline blowers proved ideal and fitted perfectly into our backpack design.

testing The triangulated profile of the backpack acted as both storage container and stabilising platform.

Delivery Our Promise

Despite the ground breaking nature of this project, we delivered on time and on budget. All the client boxes were ticked. But the ultimate validation came from the incredible response from the audience; turning a good time into a truly memorable one.

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