Joker Balloon Batman World Arena Tour

Confession: we are huge Batman fans; this was going to be a labour of love. Souvenir approached us to build a stage prop balloon large enough to safely carry The Joker over the arena. Of course there had to be a twist...the daily performance required the balloon to burst into flames.

Design 3D

Visually it was important to stay true to the original DC comics; in particular the Joker Balloon story. And we were supplied with images from the original production design concept.

Development Multi - media

Utilising 3D modelling we surface mapped the design on to rip-stop nylon for the inflatable element. The 'balloon' itself would be more accurately described as a doughnut; as it contains an open central core tunnel designed to conceal the stage rigging for the aerial effects. The prop was completed using hard foam for the hair and traditional wicker for the basket construction.



The event was saturated with lighting and special effects. But it was the Joker Balloon that stole the show and thrilled the audience, night after night.

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