Ciroc Vodka Promotional Tour

The Deltic Group asked us to produce a range of decor to support a Ciroc Vodka promotional tour. The brief called for a macabre carnival theme that complemented the premium brand values associated with Ciroc Vodka. The client was able to supply us with a comprehensive set of Ciroc brand guidelines which made an invaluable contribution towards our final recommendations.

design The choice of media was critical to the design. Laser cut acrylics proved ideal.

Brand Development

The ‘disc’ motif from the brand guidelines lent itself to proposing a sphere inflatable using light blocker fabrics. We turned to CNC fabrication when it came to replicating the logo in acrylic and lit by LED lighting. We were also called upon to create a ‘hall of mirrors’ entrance feature which was both ‘fun’ and in-keeping with Ciroc values.

Delivery Our Promise

The result was a range of decor which reinforced the core brand values of Ciroc: quality, creativity and exclusivity. At the same time, the decor maintained the practical considerations of all promotional decor: simple to install; durable; eye catching.

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