Flux Pavilion Arena Tour

The brief; re-create the futuristic airships and creatures found in the alien world of Flux Pavilion and make it all fit in a single Peli case. Large format inflatables are the ideal medium for any stadium touring production; light weight, robust, compact and simple to deploy. However, translating (accurately) a two dimensional design on to a three dimensional object is only possible thanks to the very latest 3D design software.

design To begin, we had  to convert this image into workable vector art.

3D Development

The vector artwork was imported into the 3D programme were  we could develop the complex cutting patterns needed to create the vehicles and creatures. This same process could then supply our design team with the guidelines to create artwork for our digital printers at the huge scale required for arena decor.

Delivery One case...one world tour

Fitting all the production elements into a single Peli case helped ensure all logistical demands were met, budgets controlled and artiste happy. At the same time, the decor maintained the practical considerations of all promotional decor: simple to install; durable; eye catching.

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