design The inspiration for our proposal was the Leathersellars' heraldic crest

Lord Mayors Show Leathersellers' Company

The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers' wanted to use The Lord Mayors Show to present an image of the

organisation ready to embrace the 21st century; one that was more relevant to the many charitable organisations

they support. An event they entrusted Bubblehouse to design, create and manage.

Parade Design

The proposal had to take into account all the contributors to the Leathersellers parade. From educational and charitable groups to the worshipful members and various military affiliations. Our solution involved the re-working of the livery crest into a low poly multi-coloured deer head; a radical departure that with client approval, we were able to weave through every element of the design.

Parade Build

Clearly the focus of our production effort revolved around the construction of the four meter high wooden low-poly deer. For us, this was a truly comprehensive event branding exercise; from the over-head mesh banners and lollipops to the branded jackets worn by all the participants.

Delivery Safe Hands

Bringing ‘something new’ to the oldest street parade in the world was always going to be a challenge. Something that would stand out against parade floats with far larger budgets would also be difficult. But thanks to a client who believed in us, that’s exactly what we did. You can see the parade in all it’s glory on you-tube but I think you can see from the pictures how successful this project was.

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