Morgans Rum Touring Promotion

We were tasked with the construction of a large scale inflatable pirate ship . One capable of being paraded through the streets around various venues, up and down the country. The brief also required the structure to be quick and simple to assemble and easy to transport between events. Most companies faced with this request would say how? We said ‘how high?’.

design Our art department faithfully reproduced vector art for the wood grain, paint and iron work textures.


We designed our solution around a low loading aluminium hitch-able trailer unit. This provided a light yet strong base for our inflatable; housing the fan units, power supply and collapsible rigging poles. Not to mention it made the perfect all in one transportation container. For added mobility we also equipped the unit with a remotely controlled electric motor.

design The Golden Hind provided our design team with the inspiration they needed.


Ironically for a structure that could move under it’s own power; the finished vessel could only be described as a ‘show stopper’. Wherever the pirate ship was paraded, it instantly became the focus of attention. This was a drinks promotional tour that wouldn’t be forgotten in a hurry.

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