The Ting Tong Club

This was, without doubt, the most provocative brief we’d ever been given. The Ministry of Sound was hosting The Ting Tong Club. The night called for a temporary ‘double door’ entrance way that reflected the ethos of the event. The concept was all the clients own work.

Design 3D

The design challenge we faced was how to keep the legs and shoes anatomically correct and yet conform to the parameters dictated by the space and health and safety needs. A task only made possible with the use of the latest 3D design software.


With this project, the most technically challenging element was in-fact the build. Fabrication consisted of several disciplines: carpentry; rip-stop nylon inflatables; fibreglass modelling; scenic painting.


Comparing the original sketch to the finished product shows how close the two were. And if there’s a more outrageous temporary club entrance out there; we’d love to see the pictures!

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